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Pet Wellness Exam

To keep our patients healthy, we advise yearly wellness checkups. We will review your pet’s medical history and any present issues during a wellness examination.


Pet Wellness Exam

At Graceful Paws Pet Clinic, we conduct thorough physical examinations to detect any potential health problems before they escalate into serious conditions. Regular check-ups can be instrumental in preventing numerous pet health issues. As such, we recommend that you bring your pet in for an annual examination. Be attentive to your furry friend’s behavior, and if you notice any changes, please let us know. 

What exactly does a physical exam include?

During a physical examination, a veterinarian will conduct an external check-up of your pet’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, skin, limbs, and joints to ensure they appear normal. Additionally, they will examine your pet’s abdomen, lymph nodes, heart, and lungs to ensure their optimal health.